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Welcome to Laneside Hardy Orchid Nursery...



Hello fellow orchid enthusiast.

My name is Jeff Hutchings and over the past 14 years I have run a nursery, initially selling alpines but by chance was introduced to hardy orchids in 2002. By 2006 I had specialised in terrestrial hardy orchids and changed the name to Laneside Hardy Orchids. Now I offer one of the largest selections of hardy orchids for sale in Europe. All plants are flowering size unless specifically identified.


Initially, information on growing the different genus was hard to find and much related to conditions far different than found in the UK. It was only by trial and many errors that I found the right conditions and compost for each of the genus I was trying to grow. With the information I have obtained over time I can now provide customers with quality plants, growing in suitable composts and with written cultivation instructions to help the grower successfully grow their purchases.


To assist those interested in growing these fascinating orchids I have put information on this site and have published a number of booklets for specific groups or environmental situations. In addition I wrote a booklet “Growing Hardy Orchids in a Garden or meadow”. Over 1000 copies have been sold and three additions printed. I am currently fully updating it and hope to publish a much larger book at the end of the year.


The web shop started some years ago as a simple list from which customers selected their orchids and sent in an order by letter. This brand new site provides the buyer with information to aid successful cultivation, a list of all the orchids we stock at different times of the year. Now there is a Facebook page which you can read without registering with Facebook. I will be writing useful information several times a week to help growers. The monthly newsletter will be re-introduced and sent to all registered customers. The new system should help ensure that the newsletter actually reaches customers and is not blocked by the various internet providers.


Customers who are not happy using online payment systems can place an order online and then pay, either by sending a cheque or telephoning to pay by card.


One of the problems with hardy orchid sales is that in many instances only a few legal plants are available from those nurseries who grow from seed each year. I do not buy in any orchids from dubious sources. I offer plants for sale on the web shop immediately I get confirmation of my order with the growers but do not send out plants until they are fully dormant. This is the same for me with the growers, I have to wait until plants are dormant before getting delivery.


From past experience, it is not sensible to send the plants out when conditions are not suitable, so I ask customers to be patient. You will get your plants in good condition at the right time of the year. This may be some time after your order is placed. On the web page for each plant there is information on when plants can be sent out This is the time when plants can be sent out when dormant or semi-dormant. Most of the plants sent out to UK addresses are sent potted. All cypripediums are sent out in 2 ltr pots of a mix which has proved very reliable over the years.


Over the years I have built up a show schedule which includes some of the major shows in the country including the London Orchid Show, Harrogate Flower Show and RHS Tatton along with a number of shows organised by individual orchid societies and the Alpine Garden Society. The highlight is the Malvern International Orchid Show which is the largest orchid show in the United Kingdom. In addition I give talks to organisations around the country. Look at the Events page for the 2016 list. If you want plants taken to a particular event please order at least a week in advance.


I am becoming increasingly involved with projects to reintroduce native orchids into meadows and larger areas of farmland. Please email me for an online copy of my booklet on introducing meadow orchids.



Our range of Hardy Terrestrial Orchids Include:...


Anacamptis, Bletilla, Calanthe, Cypripedium, Dactylorhiza, Epipactis, Ophrys, Orchis and Platanthera for the garden, cold greenhouse and meadow.

If you wish to buy Tropical Orchids for your greenhouse or conservatory, then we recommend you visit Burnham Nurseries Website.  or Ray Creek Orchids Website.

A few Notes from Jeff:


2016 sees a further increase in the range of hardy orchids I will be offering. In addition are a small number of species which can only be grown in a cold or cool greenhouse. These include a limited range of pleiones and some of the Australian Sun Orchids. These fascinating species flower in March/April but the flowers will only open when the plant is in full sun.


There are a number of interesting events this year around the country. The London Orchid show has been combined with the RHS Spring Flower Show using both the London Halls. This gives visitors two shows for the price of one ticket.


The orchid meadow project at Lullingstone Castle is now complete and Tom and myself are in the process of putting together a weekend programme for mid May. It will include talks and escorted tours of the meadow and Toms new Orchid House. Further details will be published in the events section.


The popular British Orchid Growers Summer Fayre in Twickenham will be celebrating its 30th year as a southern based event. Committee members are putting together an event for all orchid enthusiasts and gardeners. We hope to have other non orchid specialist nurseries this summer. The venue is excellent for visitors, good parking and also good food in the bar during the day.


The range of calanthe has increased again and I hope to have big displays at a number of spring shows. These are excellent plants for the garden, alpine house or show bench.


 There are a number of new cypripedium hybrids available. I have made a slight modification to the compost, reducing the organic content even further.


The bletilla range has increased with the introduction of some of the old favourite Penway hybrids. These produced flower spikes up to metre tall last year. I am going to flower a few under heat so they can be exhibited at the spring shows.


Yet again the subject of dactylorhiza naming has raised its ugly head. I have the large deep purple garden dactylorhiza for sale as D foliorella. This is what is often sold as D foliosa which it is not. To add to the confusion the dactylorhiza sold as D elata is really the true D foliosa as D elata grows in areas such as France, Spain and North Africa and is not hardy in the UK.